Please Note: Busting Breast Cancer – Annual Reception For Ourselves Has Been Postponed Until This Summer

About Us: Busting Breast Cancer

The National Breast Cancer Prevention Project/Busting Breast Cancer is a virtually-volunteer organization, whose sole purpose is to teach individual women simplesignificantresearch-based,  healthy and inexpensive lifestyle habits that can stop breast cancer before it starts.

We believe that the metabolic theory of cancer shows us why breast cancer has now become an unnecessary disease.

We also believe that our federal cancer agencies, the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, all supported by Big Pharma, are not very interested in helping women stop this disease before it starts.

All proceeds from our forthcoming book, Busting Breast Cancer: A Revolution,  go to the National Breast Cancer Prevention Project, in order to teach more and more women how to stop this un-announced and unnecessary epidemic of breast cancer that currently involves both younger and older women throughout the United States.

3 Simple Steps to Help Protect Yourself

1. Raise your Vitamin D3 blood levels to 50ng/ml-100ng/ml

2. Avoid birth control drugs; switch to hormone-free IUD

3. Enjoy a cancer-blocking daily diet

Your tax-deductible gift supports Busting Breast Cancer as we help women learn:

  • Why and how breast cancer is a metabolic disease
  • Lifestyle changes women can make to actually stop this disease before it starts.

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